Top 20 UK Wedding Photographer


Speechless! Gobsmacked! Over the effin moon!  I have no clue how I managed to sneak into the top 20 UK wedding photographers with Wedisson – a worldwide wedding photography contest. I am literally battling with the best wedding photographers not only in the UK but the whole wide world!  To say I am chuffed would be an understatement! Thank you so so so much to all of my incredible couples who have walked through fields of sheep; adventured to cliff edges; stood outside in minus temperatures to get the shot. Without all of you amazing brides and grooms who go along with some crazy ideas and embrace the madness I wouldn’t be where I am today! I thought I would share some of my award winning images from 2018 with you and give a little insight into how I created each of them.


Bromwich Park Photographer


This photograph was taken at my first wedding at a stonking new venue called Bromwich Park in Shropshire UK. The venue is surrounded by lots of gorgeous farm land and fields for as far as the eye can see. To get this shot I was basically unglamorousy squatting in the ditch full of sheep and nettles! I decided to place the couple at the top of the incline so I could make the most of the gorgeous evening sky and quickly photograph the bride and groom not only lit with flash but silhouetted super quickly. I love placing my brides and grooms in areas where I can do that as I can get two completely different images in seconds and then let my couple get back to their party (or in this instance, let the groom join his groomsmen for a quick ‘lets flash our bums in our kilts’ photo) 😉


Top 20 UK wedding photographers


Sandhole Oak Barn Wedding Photographer


Sandhole Oak Barn is well known for having the most incredible sunsets. Where possible I try to bring a sense of movement and fun to my images. Taking the bridal party for their portraits after speeches provided the perfect opportunity for this silhouetted image in the middle of the Cheshire countryside.


Best wedding photography UK


Carden Park Photographer

I love nothing more than a sunset. I am stupidly lucky that my couples do too! My bride and groom gladly leapt into a golf buggy just after their first dance to race up to this location overlooking the Cheshire plains. I love to include lifts, spins and any kind of movement in my images, however we decided doing that on the edge of a cliff wasn’t the greatest idea! I’m really thrilled we managed to capture the sunset though 🙂


Best wedding photographer


Cheshire Wedding Photographer


Bridal prep is often my absolute favourite part of the day. Enjoying the morning with the girls, having a relaxed start, photographing the little details etc. As soon as I know I have a ‘safe shot’ for hair and make-up though I like to push things a bit further and get creative. Lighting the hairspray isn’t really a new concept but as soon as I saw both the hair and make up artist making their final touch ups before Kelly got in her dress I knew I had to get them both in action!



Best UK wedding photographers


Crewe Hall Wedding Photographer


I absolutely adore shooting weddings at Crewe Hall. There are so many parts of the building that lend itself to creative lighting and ideas. I got my bride Megan to throw her veil in the air. As soon as I saw this image on the back of my camera I began to jump up and down with excitement. She looks like an angel!


Best photographers in Cheshire


Award winning photographer in Cheshire


This photo was actually taken right at the end of our portrait session. The bride and groom had thought that I had finished snapping them and took this from hip level. A bit of a lucky accident I suppose!


Award winning wedding photography UK


Armathwaite Hall Photographer


I was so incredibly nervous shooting this wedding. The Groom himself is a multi-award winning wedding photographer (and an amazing friend of mine) so the pressure to produce award winning work on his wedding day was HUGE! I will admit though that he was very relaxed about it all and I put most of the pressure on myself. After a day of non-stop rain in the Lake District we managed to get some time outside after dark and this is the result 🙂 x


Worlds best wedding photographers

Portmeirion Wedding Photographer

I was so thrilled to have picked up my first ever

This beautifully emotional image was taken at the wedding of Des and Cheryl at one of my favourite venues and places in the whole world – Portmeirion in Wales.

I am hoping there are many more awards to come in during the fast approaching winter season and am very much looking forward to getting creative as the nights close in. Here’s to 2019 and may it be filled with more epic weddings and memories!

Helen xxx