Flash Training for Wedding Photographers

Off camera flash courses and mentoring

When I first started my wedding photography business I was absolutely terrified of using flash. I bought my first flash second hand and it was a canon something-or-other. I had no friggin clue what it really was, how to work it other than to pop it on top of my camera in the hotshoe and turn it on. I was terrified of pressing any buttons and going into any of the menus made me feel as if I was holding a live bomb!

After trying to use it for the first time was an epic failure it sat in my camera bag for a ridiculously long time. I decided I was a 'natural light photographer' and that flash was the devil. Fast forward a few years, a number of workshops, many experiments and failed attempts, second shooting for other flash-heavy and confident photographers and now the thought of turning up to shoot a wedding without my flash equipment would send my anxiety levels through the roof! Yes, mastering flash isn't always easy, it requires practice and patience - however, when you've got the basics right you can confidently control and create light that matches your brand. I know my style has transformed over the years and a lot of my work clearly uses flash, but it can also be used very subtly, get you out of iso10000 situations and give you the confidence to shoot at any wedding venue at any time of year. Someone wants to book you for a 4pm ceremony in December? I want you to be able to say 'bring it on!'

Up-coming flash workshops


WTF?! What's this flash?!

Tuesday 19th March 2019 - Crewe Hall, Cheshire 11.30am - 7.30pm (regular drinks and snacks plus meal provided) £200

Full course description and booking form available here!

One to one flash mentoring

Want a more in depth and personalised flash training day to get to grips with your kit, ask as many questions as you like and practice your skills on a real couple? £400 for 3 hours theory and studio practice at my home and office in Weston, Cheshire before 90 mins hands on shooting and tutoring with a real couple. Depending on what you would like to focus on day and evening sessions are available so sunsets and after dark shooting is accessible too 🙂 Other locations are available for an additional charge depending on distance from CW2. For further information on my mentoring days and to enquiry for availability, click here 🙂