A Stunning Summer Marquee Wedding in Shropshire

Congratulations Sophie and Rupert!

Oh my goodness! Or in the words of Rupert, to the congregation sat outside watching the live stream I should say ‘Jesus Christ!’

I am someone who always has many words…those of you who have had any kind of conversation with me will confirm. I’m never short of finding words to describe anything; whether it be spoken or written down. Summing up this Saturday’s wedding however is something I need a little longer to reflect on and consider if I am to do it any justice. It was bloody brilliant! Therefore, I will come back to this blog at a later date and hopefully give it the synopsis it deserves. Plus, I know there are a LOT of you literally watching your phones, on social media waiting for this blog to be released and let’s face it, you want to see some photos more than hear about my summary of the day. So here we go…a highlight video for you to feast your eyes on then I have uploaded the individual photos below for you to look through properly. I absolutely cannot wait to share the full day with you all in the coming weeks!


If you want to view the video in full, high res you can do so by clicking here!




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