A Rustic Village Hall Wedding

It was through absolute chance that I met Dan, our dashing groom at The Art of Framing, Nantwich. I called in to have a beautiful, bespoke mount made for a wedding guest signing board and Dan’s smiling face warmly greeted me as I entered. Photograph in hand, Dan kindly helped me pick through the board samples. We got chatting about photography (Dan has a degree in it) and despite my mad chatty ways he was crazy enough to tell me he was getting married. I sneaked a business card into his hand and left with my signing frame a happy customer. Only a couple of days later, through the power of Facebook I received my first message from the beautiful Rachel. Soon after, I was knocking back a cuppa and talking all things wedding with two of the loveliest people ever! Seriously, being with these guys just fills you with warmth. Their excitement and plans for the wedding left me so excited. I had no doubt in my mind that they were going to have a really beautiful and special day.

Pre-Wedding Shoot at The Roaches, Staffordshire

In the lead up to the wedding I had a lovely time getting to know Rachel and Dan. It was fab getting little pics and messages through the planning process from Rachel. Being able to have a sneaky peak at invites, flower ideas and all the little things they both worked so hard on was fantastic. I don’t think brides always believe me before they meet me when I say I love weddings. Seriously, if I had time to be a planner too, I would. I’m not one of those photographers who just turns up on the day, takes a few pics then buggers off. Am I happy chatting dresses, flowers, bands, table centres and readings? Hell yeah! By the time I get to your wedding day, if I’m deemed anything less than an unofficial bridesmaid I’ve not done my job. I really do invest myself with all of the weddings I shoot. Anyway, I’m going off topic so back to the pre-wed shoot. We met at The Three Horseshoes Inn before heading off towards The Roaches. Whilst there I discovered that Dan and Rachel actually had their first proper date there. Their first interestingly enough was a blind date! How brilliant is that?! I also discovered that like my husband, Dan basically wears shorts every day of the year. Question is – did he wear them for his wedding…?

Pre-Wedding Shoot The Roaches

The Roaches Photoshoot

A beautiful country wedding…

What’s better than shooting a beautiful wedding? Getting to go on a road trip too! I called in my bestie and top photographer Chris from Carpe Diem Photography to lend a hand. After many hours sat in traffic around London on the hottest day of the year; me singing so much Chris probably wished for temporary deafness and a game of ‘name the artist’ whilst radio surfing we finally made it to Uckfield. It’s so beautiful! Well worth the drive 🙂 I have to admit I think we were all very relieved that the morning of the wedding brought some thunder storms our way and temperatures around 10 degrees cooler than the day before. Making our way up the path of Rachel’s childhood home we were greeted by arms frantically waving in the front window and squeals of excitement. It was at this point I remembered Rachel telling me her family were as crazy as I was. They didn’t disappoint! The love and excitement that just poured out of everyone that morning was incredible. You want to know what else was incredible? Practically everything! The Allure Bridals gown, Rachel Simpson shoes, bouquets by the The Artisan Dried Flower Co, jewellery…I just love Rachel’s taste!

Vintage Theme Wedding

Village Hall Wedding

So, did the Groom wear shorts?

Whilst the girls were getting ready, Dan and the boys headed off to the local pub. Literally a stones throw away from the beautiful St Thomas a Beckett Church the boys were so laid back they were practically horizontal! The question is, did Dan wear shorts?

Framfield Church St Thomas A Beckett Church

Of course not! He and best man Andy rocked their gorgeous three piece tweed suits. It was fab to see a groom in something a little different and it really fitted in with the theme of the day. The dried flower buttonholes really worked well too 🙂

Rustic Wedding

St Thomas a Becket Church, Framfield

Taking the very short ride to her local church in the beautiful Jaguar Rachel absolutely beamed with joy.

Uckfield Wedding Photographer

Framfield Church Wedding

St Thomas A Becket Church Framfield

Sussex Wedding

Framfield Wedding

St Thomas A Becket Church Wedding

Framfield Wedding Photographer

Confetti Throw

Jaguar Wedding Car

High Hurstwood Village Hall

After their beautiful church ceremony we set off to the most incredible village hall I’ve ever seen. Rachel always told me it ‘wasn’t like your usual village hall’ – she wasn’t wrong! High Hurstwood Village Hall – you are a dream!

High Hurstwood Village Hall

Rustic Village Hall Wedding

Rachel and Dan’s months of careful planning, preparation and creative crafts really came together when you entered their beautiful venue space. Paper lanterns, beautiful flowers and rustic details really brought the space to life. Not to mention the cake which was INCREDIBLE!

High Hurstwood Village Hall Wedding

For all the wedding guests who are quickly scrolling through to see if they’ve made internet fame in my blog – here’s the best chance you’ve got!


Bride and Groom Photo Ideas

I think it’s safe to say that Rachel and Dan had the most amazing day. As did Chris and I. Thank you so much Mr and Mrs Matthews for letting us share your special day. We wish you both a lifetime of happiness together!




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