Cheshire based flash photography workshops for professional photographers.

One of the most rewarding parts of my business is helping other photographers succeed and meet their goals. As someone who has previously spent 9 years as a high school teacher, being able to use my skills and knowledge to educate and inspire other professional photographers has been a really enjoyable part of my business.

My one-to-one flash mentoring sessions are the perfect way to get to grips with using your speedlights off-camera. You will learn how to use them to:

Increase the overall exposure of your image consistently and naturally (perfect for dark rooms and venues)

Reduce the ambient light within a space and use the flash to draw attention to your subject (great way to get rid of clutter)

Off camera flash workshop

Confidently light couples after dark and how to use rear curtain sync for dynamic dancefloor images.

There will also be an opportunity to get your hands on more powerful lights such as AD200s, Elinchrom Quadras and Elinchrom studio flash heads to test your skills and theory understanding.

4 hour intense flash training for wedding photographers

Sessions are priced at £300 and are ran on weekdays (evenings also available for after dark shooting) at my office and studio space in Weston, Cheshire (just outside Crewe.) The final 60 mins are spent shooting with an actual couple where you can put your learning into practice on someone other than me (I am extremely unphotogenic!

It's super important to me that everyone I work with gets the best learning experience so each session is adapted to suit you and your particular learning style and focused around the areas that are most important to you. If there is a particular aspect of flash photography you are struggling with or want to pay particular attention to, please do let me know and I can adapt our session to ensure we meet your goals 🙂

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