What's This Flash?!

flash photography from the very basics

Flash can be scary AF!!!

I totally get it. When I purchased my first speedlight back in 2012 I got it second hand off eBay. Having never used anything other than the pop-up flash I had no idea how to use it but I popped it on top of my Canon 550d expecting to suddenly declare myself a pro. I turned on my camera (aperture priority of course - ‘A’ for awesome) and took 5 wonderfully white photos. No detail. Nothing. If it wasn’t for the image number appearing clearly on the screen I would have thought I had simply broken the stupid thing. This overexposed, bright white screen was completely taunting me. I freaked out. I had no clue what I was doing and adding that flash to my camera exposed me as a complete novice. The flash was immediately removed, put back in its box and didn’t see the light of day for 3 whole years!

The previous owner had left the flash in manual mode so the little light box did nothing to calculate how much light I needed to expose my image correctly. At the time of said trauma I was still working full time as a teacher, so thankfully it wasn’t the end of the world. The moment I left to chase my dream of being a ‘proper’ photographer though, I knew that had to change. I immediately booked myself onto some flash photography courses and am I so thankful that I by-passed the (E)TTL phase. I can say with absolute certainty that using your flash in ETTL will never ever get you where you want to be. If any of this sounds familiar, it’s time to get these little light boxes of doom working properly and showing it who’s boss in manual mode because when your flash shows that bold ‘M’ on the screen, that’s when you can start to make MAGIC!

Looking back to my first flash disaster, I know exactly what went wrong...

"an investment in education always pays the highest returns"

benjamin franklin

Come join me in the heart of the Staffordshire countryside

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A warm welcome awaits at the stunning standon hall

  • Basic flash functions - which buttons and menu options you really need to know and which you can ignore.
  • How flash fits into the exposure triangle - so you don’t end up confused with a white screen like me!
  • Inverse Square Law (an idiots guide) - because no-one really needs to know all the proper physics and percentages
  • Taking our flashes off camera - what kit and modifiers make the job easy-peasy
  • Short and broad lighting - so you know where best to put your light sources for flattering results
  • How I set up and use my flashes at different points of a wedding day
  • Live shoots with models
  • A sunset and night time shoot using very simple and easy to replicate one and 2 light set ups.

So what exactly will we be covering on the day?

"your greatness is limited only by the investments you make in yourself"

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This is not a portfolio building or styled shoot day!!

a word of warning...

If there is one thing I am known for, it's my no B-S approach to business and life.

For anyone looking to come along for the day, be told what settings to use and then BAM, here are some award-worthy portfolio images then you may well leave disappointed.

This course is for you to learn and be challenged.

  • One camera (if you’re used to shooting with two then go for it)
  • A couple of lenses which you would usually shoot with on a wedding day
  • At least one speed light - I highly recommend the Godox range of lighting equipment and can send over some recommendations to those of you along with the welcome pack upon booking. I will bring all of my lighting equipment with me so if you need to borrow anything, that’s absolutely fine. If you already have a trigger to connect your flashes with your cameras, please feel free to bring these too.
  • If you already have some light modifiers, feel free to bring these with you.
  • Since I anticipate many of us having some of the same equipment I would advise where possible making yours identifiable. I personally use these amazing stickers from with my logo on. I pop them on flashes, triggers, cameras, lenses and they’re even the perfect size for memory cards!

What equiptment will I need to bring?

"i absolutely detest the use of cheesy-ass quotes so after using two above, i think that's enough!"

helen williams

"Helen is amazing and if I could, I would leave a million star review!"

Lynette Matthews Photography

kind words from people i did not bribe...

Helen isn't just absolutely incredible at her craft, but she's such a lovely person. She makes you feel 110% relaxed and confident within yourself and your capabilities. During the course she breaks everything down for you into small simple bite size pieces and help you assemble all of them so you can control light just as you want it to get some magnificent photos. I cannot recommend her enough for a training course on flash and also natural light. I took an incredible amount of knowledge away. It was such a great day that I may even book on another just for the hell of it!

12 out of 10. 📷📷

- Ken Jonczyk

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Where and when?

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Dates for autumn will be released in september 2024

Monday 25th March


Wednesday 17th April


Next workshop: coming in Autumn 2024

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for a fun day of learning and creating magic (food and drink included)

But there is a secret second option...

Why not add on a 1-2-1 follow-up mentoring session?

all workshop attendees can add an on a 90 mins zoom call onto their booking at half price. this is the perfect opportunity to ask any questions that have arisen following the workshop, receieve critique and feedback on your images along with any help or support you need with editing and post-production. the perfect way to solidify your learning and have some personalised next steps to continue your flash journey!

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