WTF?! Flash Workshop

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Wedding photographer Helen Williams speaking at the Nine Dots Gethering

Online and In-Person Wedding Photography Mentoring

Well hello there! As you may have figured from the rest of my website I'm a bit of a bonkers lady obsessed with sunsets and off-camera lighting. I am now in my 10th year of full time business and I am planning a full calendar of educational opportunities both 1-2-1 and group, in person and online. If there is something specific you would like me to put together for you please do not hesitate to get in touch and I design a bespoke programme for you.

I just can't shake my passion for education!

Once a teacher, always a teacher...

I knew deep down as I left my job as a high school teacher back in 2015 that it wasn't the last time I would take on the role of educator. It wasn't long at all before I branched into teaching other photographers, particularly in the specialism of using off-camera flash and in 2018 I ran my first of many sold-out group workshops in this area. Since September 2022 I have had the pleasure and opportunity of reaching many more amazing photographers around the world through the incredible Flash Masters community, which I run with my partner, Neil Redfern. In addition to managing Flash Masters, I also run bespoke half-day 1-2-1 Flash Portrait tuition for individual photographers and I am excited to now have space in my diary for bespoke monthly online mentoring sessions.

Flash Masters

Wedding Photography Helen Williams discussing wedding photography education

I am incredibly proud to host and run Flash Masters - a global community of photographers all passionate about off camera lighting. Flash Masters recognises and celebrates the best off camera flash photography in the world, and we do so through education, community and awards. I founded Flash Masters in 2021 with my partner Neil Redfern. We are sponsored by some of the biggest brands in the industry; MagMod, Canon, Pic-Time, nPhoto, Studio Ninja and Aftershoot and have some of the best photographers in the world as our Ambassadors.

Within Flash Masters I am so lucky to interview many incredible photographers from all over the world. We delve into how they have lit and edited their iconic award winning images. Selfishly, it has allowed me to learn an awful lot too and their teachings and inspiration continues to motivate me to become a better photographer, educator and human.

Photographers that I did not bribe to say nice things!

Odette Green, Staffordshire, UK

WTF?! Workshop attendee

What can I say?! Helen is phenomenal! I recently attended her flash workshop (WTF) as for some unknown reason I am, sorry was, stupidly scared of Off Camera Flash, but after Helen's fun relaxed way of teaching I feel like I have come away with little super flash powers! She has instilled such a confidence in me due to the way that she teaches that I am seriously excited & cannot wait to be flashing all over my next wedding! If you are considering learning more about flash or want to hone in your skills then Helen is your lady for sure!

Andy Wilkinson, Cheshire, UK

andy is on my 12 month mentoring programme

Forget boring lectures and dry PowerPoint presentations; Helen's approach is more like a comedy show with a side of valuable insights...While others may stick to the tried-and-true methods, Helen encourages you to think outside the box. In my case, Helen didn’t pull her punches, I wouldn’t want her to. I need the full on approach, this is what I got and it is exactly what pushes me to strive for those greater goals, improve my marketing, my website and my overall view of my business."

Emma Staley, Portsmouth, UK

Attended a 1-2-1 'Shoot with me day'

“Helen is an absolute AWESOME teacher! She is very patient and nurturing. She doesn’t tell you what to do but guides you, so you can use your own artistic flair and your own ideas. I love the fact that Helen never made me feel like any of my ideas was wrong, she may of questioned my vision but only to gently guide me to take the best possible picture. Her aim was to help me shoot in a way that is authentic for me. I left feeling so much more confident with flash too and how I can use it in a way that suits my personal style."

The Good Stuff - Bespoke Training For You!

Shoot With Me

A Year of Growth

The Hour (and a half) of Power

4 Hour 1-2-1 In Person Shooting Session

12 Months of Online Mentoring

One-Off 90 minute Online Mentoring

  • One-off 90 minute zoom chat where we can over any topic or area of focus you would like.
  • Targeted session to cover any of the following areas: Branding, pricing, website review, finding your ideal clients, portfolio images or wedding critique, use of Studio Ninja CRM.

£150 per individual session

  • Bespoke online meetings based around your own business goals and targets
  • Ideally structured to 90 mins a month but can be grouped together for longer sessions
  • Additional hours can be added at any time at a discounted rate

£1500 (can be paid over 3 installments) and saving £300 on the one-off session price.

  • Bespoke shooting session tailored to what you want to learn and practice
  • 1 hour of shooting preparation covering my use of off-camera flash, modifiers before shooting.
  • A 3 hour portrait shoot with a real couple or model
  • A follow-up zoom call to review images taken and editing advice using lightroom and photoshop.
  • Share the cost and bring a friend for free

£800 including follow-up zoom

Upcoming Workshop:

WTF? What's This Flash?!

An introduction to off camera flash

Come join me in the heart of the stunning Staffordshire countryside for a practical day of learning and shooting. This course is perfect for those who are struggling to get their flashes out of TTL mode and doing what they want. With no more than 6 attendees there will be lots of hands on guidance! This is sure to sell out!



Learn more

standon hall: staffordshire, uk

october 2024


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As someone who is truly passionate and committed to your success, every mentoring package which I offer includes a complimentary 30 additional minutes on our first meeting. During this time we will discuss the best tailored and bespoke programme for you.

Conference Speaking

I was so honoured and excited to have been asked to present at the 2023 Nine Dots Gathering in Leeds, UK.

I can't deny that getting the email from Nine Dots inviting me to be a guest speaker and to do a live shoot at the event was a proper pinch me moment. I have sat in the audience at a number of the Nine Dots Gatherings watching my photography heros stand under the bright lights and inspire the room. I have always dreamed that one day that would be me. I was absolutely terrified! I fecking LOVED it though! As soon as I put on my 'Britney' microphone and strapped on my cameras I was absolutely in my element. The buzz from the pressure of shooting live infront over over 100 amazing photographers (many of whom I admire greatly and are seasoned pros on the conference speaking stage) was incredible! I would love to do more conference speaking so fingers crossed there will be more opportunities ahead.

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