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I must admit that the opportunity to photograph stunning brides in beautiful wedding dresses at the incredible Dorfold Hall in Nantwich, Cheshire was just the best experience. When the lovely Candice from Dorfold Hall gave the go ahead for us take over the hall for the day with some of the best wedding suppliers in Cheshire I was literally bouncing with excitement. The hall itself and grounds are just awe-inspiring! From the moment the large metal gates open and you are presented with an unobstructed view of the swooping driveway, imposing hall and it’s gorgeous lake you know that you are entering somewhere special. You can just feel the hundreds of years of grand history enveloping you as you take yourself further into the grounds and the effect is just magical.

The Best Wedding Suppliers in Cheshire

When choosing a team to accompany me to make magic on the day I went straight to the most fabulous local suppliers who are absolutely rocking their wedding businesses, ensuring their brides and grooms get nothing less than perfection from the moment they get in touch and through to the big day itself. To Jacqui from Jacqui O Fairytale Flowers, Julia at The Little Flower Company, Vicki and Anna at Bridal Hair and Makeup of Cheshire, stunning Kenneth Winston dresses supplied by the lovely ladies at Tiffany’s Wardrobe and we did let one man come and play for the day with Dave bringing some stunning jewellery from Moody’s Jewellers, Nantwich. We certainly were nothing less than our own little dream team!

As an international wedding photographer my job is pretty amazing. I travel across all over the UK throughout the year with usually a couple of exciting jaunts across Europe shooting in destinations such as Cyprus and the stunning Italian coastline. I’m so fortunate to experience and share in some of the most beautiful weddings and locations which is why I feel so lucky to have this absolute gem of a wedding venue here in the heart of Cheshire on my doorstep. I mean look at it!

Dorfold Hall Wedding Photographer Helen Williams (1 of 1)
Dorfold Hall, Nantwich, Cheshire

The history of the hall is just fascinating – built in the early 1600’s for King James I to visit, the hall has been in the same family ever since. It’s gardens are spectacular year round and features a chestnut tree thought to be over 1,000 years old and the last legacy of the original Delamere Forest.

On the day of the shoot itself, I was just in awe of the absolute passion and dedication of each company and individual I worked with. To watch Jacqui transform a simple tree swing into a breathtaking flower covered, colourful feature was amazing. I really have never seen anything quite like it and I have no doubt that future brides at the venue would have to speak to her about recreating this magic focal point and feature to match their chosen colour and floral scheme. I also got to see first hand from start to end how Vicki and Anna prep each of their brides on a wedding day, working completely in sync to ensure that they can keep to a tight timeframe and still achieve a look of absolute natural, bridal perfection!

We started the shoot inside of the house in order to wait for the sun to lower in the sky – it was such a bright and beautiful day.

Dorfold Hall Wedding Photographer
Wedding Flowers by The Little Flower Company Sandbach. Jewellery by Moodys 1883, Nantwich.

Dorfold Hall Wedding Photographer
Flowers by Jacqui O Fairytale Flowers and Jewellery by Moodys 1883, Nantwich

Dorfold Hall Gardens

The grounds and gardens at the Hall are just incredible. It’s a wedding photographer’s dream with just endless possibilities! There are vast stretching views of the Cheshire countryside; the stunning lake which is backlit beautifully at sunset; the dingle which in spring is a wash with colour; the aforementioned swing and ancient chestnut tree along with the backdrop of the clock tower and hall itself just meant I was in heaven.

Helen Williams Photography Cheshire Wedding Photographer
The view of the back of Dorfold Hall

Helen Williams Photography Cheshire Wedding Photographer Dorfold Hall
Floral swing masterfully decorated by the very talented Jacqui O Fairytale Flowers. Gorgeous yellow diamond soltaire by Moodys 1883, Nantwich

Helen Williams Photography Dorfold Hall Wedding Photographer

Cheshire Wedding Photographer
Loving the setting sunlight in the bluebell wood

Colourful Wedding Photography
The Dingle at Dorfold Hall

Fun wedding photographer
The beautiful clock tower

Dorfold Hall Lake Reflections
Sunset by the stunning lake

Stunning bridal portraits
I just love a good veil!

Bridal Portraits
The last hour before sunset provides the most beautiful light for portraits

Dorfold Hall Wedding Photographer (1 of 1)


I think that I can say that we all had the most incredible day shooting at Dorfold Hall. I really cannot wait to shoot my first actual wedding at this gorgeous Cheshire wedding venue. If you or someone you know are getting married here, do me a favour and send them my way 😉

Lots of love

Helen x

Dorfold Hall Wedding Photographer

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