It's Official! You're in my Diary!


Congratulations you absolutely awesome people! You are officially in diary - your wedding photography has been booked!!!


What happens now?


If we're being honest, unless you've been a Last-Minute-Larry there isn't much to do for a little while. You can carry on with your planning and likely pinterest obsession for a little while yet. If you guys have booked a pre-wedding shoot we will need to get that in the diary at some point. With regards to timelines for booking them, it's completely up to you. Some couples have their shoot well in advance of the wedding, especially if they plan to use the images as part of the save the dates or invitations. Other choose to have theirs a month or so before the day so that everything we go through regarding posing etc is fresh on their wedding day. Please remember that I am usually incredibly busy between April through to November and pre-shoots take place on weekdays during these months. It usually works out really well though as I love to shoot in the last hour of daylight which is known as the 'Golden Hour.' Thankfully during the summer months we can do these shoots after work and you should easily have time to get home, grab something to eat and make yourself look extra beautiful before we head out.

If you haven't selected to have a pre-wedding shoot yet and wondering what they are all about, I have put together a pre-wedding shoot guide here!! Pre-wedding shoots can be added onto your package at any point so if you change your mind and think you'd like to have one, simply get in touch.

  Pre-wedding shoots in Cheshire  

Timelines and Group Shots

I will likely get in touch with you around 6 weeks before your wedding date with a balance reminder. Your full balance is due 28 days/4 weeks before your big day if you haven't completed payment before this point. We will also then schedule in your final meet/phone call/skype. The purpose of the meet is to go through the planned timeline for your day and put together your list of formal group shots you would like. Please don't book this meet until you have finalised the timeline with your venue.


Lets face it, families can be a huge pain in the ass and by the time we reach the last four weeks before your wedding it is likely you've wanted to ditch it all and elope to Vegas several times! From my years as a wedding photographer I've learnt that every family has it's dramas. Fear not, when it comes to getting a list of family formals together I will be there to help you every step of the way. If you've managed to get to the final meet without any drama it's high fives all around! Either way, before the day I will have a very organised family tree for you both and a comprehensive list of photos. This is the one part of the day my nine years teaching 11-18 year olds really comes into play. I have no issues marching 200 guests outside for a group shot or grabbing Nana's attention when she's turned her hearing aid off. Teacher Helen will ensure the potentially stressful formal photos will pass quickly and orderly so we have more time to get some epic photos of you both and hopefully a few more drinks from the bar too!

  Family formals  

Hello? Are you alive?

Please feel free to check in as often as you like. I know the amount of nightmares that can wake you up in a sweat. Forgetting the rings/tripping down the aisle/losing your voice at the vows/dress falling down/ car not turning up etc. I too get many wedding nightmares from forgetting my cameras, breaking my kit, turning up to shoot a wedding naked (thankfully I have never done any of these!) I really wouldn't be surprised though if one day I turned up in my slippers by accident! I completely understand though that it's a super stressful time and if like me you like to be organised and reassure yourself that you have everything in order please don't worry about getting in touch. If it's a quick message/comment on facebook/text message/whatsapp etc. I know that sometimes it's nice just to have contact and know I am alive and looking forward to your big day! If you don't hear from me in a while, I'm likely perfectly fine and just working my socks off with my editing!