Weddings at The Crown Hotel, Nantwich

When Nicola approached me to shoot her wedding on my birthday this year, I couldn’t say no. I had met Nicola previously whilst attending a networking meeting at the fantastic Richmond Village where she works. An absolute diamond, Nic, like me was bubbly and loved to chat! We hit it off straight away! To find out she was tying the knot at The Crown Hotel, Nantwich was just the icing on top of the cake. The Grade II listed building with over 400 years of history provides a gorgeous venue for your special day. I love how the floors aren’t level and walls aren’t straight – it really does take you back in time.

Nantwich Photographer

Nantwich Wedding Photographer

Nicola and her rather dashing hubby Paul took advantage of my hourly rate package to ensure they had just the right coverage for them on their big day. This included a quick stop by their house for some lovely photos of Nicola in their garden. It was mentioned in the speeches that Nicola was thrilled to find Paul as he has given her the garden she’s always wanted! I must say, I was pretty pleased too as it provided the perfect backdrop for some photos before we left 🙂 It was lovely to see how happy both of their families were that day. Nicola’s youngest son Jason played the role of chaperone, making sure his mum made it to the venue on time.

I have to mention now how stunning Nicola’s bouquet was. The award winning local florist, Anna Flora did a spectacular job and the scent was just divine!

Cheshire Wedding Photography

Reluctant to follow tradition these lovely ladies were renamed as ‘her ladies in back.’ Bridesmaids they definitely were not!

Crewe Wedding

There’s always time for one last hair check on the way out!

Nantwich Wedding

The Crown Hotel Nantwich

The Crown Hotel, Bar and Grill, Nantwich

Nantwich Wedding Venue

The Crown Nantwich Wedding

I have to admit I have a real soft spot for a man in a tux. I think you’ll agree, Paul wore his very well indeed!

Nantwich Wedding The Crown Hotel

Weddings at The Crown Hotel Nantwich

Those final moments before you walk down the aisle can be emotional. Exciting. Absolutely terrifying. Nicola hand in hand with her eldest son Tom was the vision of calm and I loved capturing these very special moments.

The Crown Hotel Bar and Grill

Crewe and Nantwich Photographer

The Crown Nantwich

Cheshire Wedding Photographer

The Minstrel’s Ballroom at The Crown Hotel, Bar and Grill Nantwich was a beautiful backdrop for the ceremony. A ceremony filled with lots of love, tears and happiness.

The Minstrel's Ballroom Crown Hotel Nantwich

Nantwich Wedding Photographer

The Crown Nantwich

If there’s one part of the day I always look forward to, it’s speeches. The stories, ridiculous tales of childhood innocence and those that are just plain naughty! The speeches at Nicola and Paul’s wedding had it all! For such a young man, Jason did an incredible job of making everyone literally cry with laughter and tenderness. Showing a maturity beyond his years he absolutely smashed what would traditionally be the father of the bride speech out of the park! As you can see, the reactions from guests were priceless! Followed by Paul, his best man Paddy and not forgetting the bride with a hilarious poem for her new hubster.

Cheshire Wedding Photography

Wedding Photographer Crewe and Nantwich

Wedding Photographer Cheshire

Nantwich Wedding

Thank you so much Nicola and Paul for letting me share your special day. Also, a huge thank you for my birthday cake and the amazing happy birthday song during speeches. I couldn’t have hoped to spend my day with nicer people!

Are you or someone you know tying the knot at The Crown Hotel, Bar and Grill, Nantwich? If so, get in touch to discuss your wedding photography by clicking HERE!

Nantwich Wedding Photographer

The Crown Hotel, Bar and Grill

Cheshire Wedding Photographer

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