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I was thrilled to have met my gorgeous bride Daisy at the Moat House, Hanley’s Wedding Fair last year. Super pretty, bubbly then tells me she’s getting married at the Crewe Lyceum Theatre and I was like ‘I have to shoot this wedding!’ With my previous job as a Drama teacher and years of performing experience I feel so at home at the theatre. Thankfully for me, Daisy felt the same way, booking the same day and getting her date in my diary.

Queen’s Park Crewe Pre-Wedding Shoot

I love it when my couples choose to have a pre-wedding shoot. The opportunity to get infront of the camera before the big day and spend more time getting to know one and other is priceless. The morning of our shoot the weather was ridiculous. Pounding rain and no sign of it stopping had Daisy and Dave a little apprehensive on the morning of the shoot. Thankfully, the weather gods at MetCheck had called it right and at 3pm as we walked into the park the clouds parted and gave us the big blue sky I love to have in my work. Happy days! Not only did I get the sky I love but we were also joined by Daisy and Dave’s gorgeous dogs Bilbo and Lola – double win! It’s not really a secret that I usually prefer dogs to humans! I feel so lucky to have this gorgeous park so close to home. The ancient trees, woodland walks and lake make it the perfect place to shoot.

Engagement Shoot in a Park

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We were super lucky that the earlier rain had kept lots of walkers indoors that day. It meant that we were barely disturbed the whole time we were there. The only exception being a wonderful couple who were intrigued as to why I was taking their photograph. It turns out they had been married for 60 years! Lets hope Daisy and Dave too can reach that very impressive number!

Cute dogs

Getting two very cute and lively dogs to co-operate wasn’t exactly easy but as usual, they’ll do anything for a treat. Shortly after getting these shots of Bilbo and Lola one of my almost famous squeaks and jumps shot from my body upon the discovery of this puddle! The earlier rain meant that the higher ground at the park was flooded in places and if there is one thing I love it’s a reflection. There was only one thing for it. I needed to just forego any hope of coming home dry and clean. Soaking wet, covered in mud and working hard to keep my equipment out of the water I managed to bag some of my favourite shots from the shoot.

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Queen's Park Crewe

Crewe Wedding Photographer

We finished our shoot and tour of the park in one of my favourite spots in one of my favourite locations. Overlooking the lake sits a giant weeping willow tree which at that time of the day is lit so brightly by the setting sun and reflections of the water. You just need to keep your wits about you and an eye out for the cheeky and territorial ducks, geese and swans. Thankfully none of them or us were hurt in the making of these images 🙂

Lyceum Theatre Crewe Wedding

I can’t quite put into words how excited I am to shooting their wedding this summer at the Lyceum Theatre, Crewe. I know Daisy and Dave have some amazing plans for some of these images and I can’t wait to see all of their hard work and planning come together.

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