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I just have to throw it out there. I LOVE Crewe Hall! Not only is it just on my doorstep but it’s so darn beautiful and romantic. The dark wood panelling, marble, large fireplaces in each room just scream of opulence and a rich history. I love photographing weddings at Crewe Hall because there are just so many gorgeous options to choose from. The beautiful facade and impressive driveway offer the perfect opportunity for some gorgeous outdoor shots whilst the chapel, hall of pillars, the grand staircase and stained glass features mean that even on the wettest and dreariest of days (lets be honest, we get a good amount of them here in the North West of England) you are guaranteed some stunning bridal portraits.

Summer Wedding at Crewe Hall

Charlotte and Kurt’s June wedding at Crewe Hall was simply beautiful and full of wonderful details. Her bridesmaids were in a stunning shade of coral which was picked out in their beautiful bouquets by one of my industry favourites Jacqui O Fairytale Flowers. Charlotte kept her bouquet simple and elegant with cream Centifolia Roses. Both Charlotte and Kurt went all out with their footwear on the day with Charlotte teetering in some flippin drool-worthy sparkly, gold Jimmy Choos and Kurt splashing out on some very dapper tan leather and navy suede brogues. These teamed with his epic spiderman socks really set the tone for the day – elegant with a good dose of Marvel superhero fun! The groomsmen even thought the bride could fly at one point – it’s a shame their theory was proven wrong. A big thank you and shout out to the fantastic Cath at CPD Film who captured the unfortunate moment perfectly. As I’m writing this post I’m wondering whether I should be sharing such a moment here on the blog – I suppose the only way to find out is to carry on down the page!

Crewe Hall Wedding Photography

Crewe Hall Wedding Photography Helen Williams Photography

Crewe Hall Wedding Photography Natural Wedding Photographer

Crewe Hall Wedding Photography Helen Williams Photography Crewe

If there is one thing I’m a bloody sucker for it’s personalized vows and boy did Charlotte and Kurt nail them. It’s a good job I trust the autofocus on my camera because, seriously, my eyes were more than a little leaky during the vows!

Crewe Hall Wedding Photography - Wedding Ceremonies at Crewe Hall

Crewe Hall Wedding Photography First Kiss at Crewe Hall by Helen Williams Photography

Crewe Hall Wedding Photography Fun Photographer

Crewe Hall Wedding Photography - Natural Portraits

The stunning and ornate Chapel in Crewe Hall

Crewe Hall Wedding Photography Crewe Hall Chapel by Helen Williams Photography

Marvel Themed Wedding Cake

This stunning half and half cake by Wendy Sanders at Tiers of Affection has to be one of the best I’ve ever seen.

Crewe Hall Wedding Photography Cutting the Cake, Marvel Cake

Crewe Hall Wedding Photography First Dance Crewe Hall After Dark

Crewe Hall Photobooth

Charlotte and Kurt also chose to book my photobooth to make sure that guests had some perfect evening entertainment away from the dancefloor. I did not stop laughing all night! Nothing gets me more than Granny attacking guests with her hand in a latex horses head. Epic couple, epic love, epic day!

Crewe Hall Wedding Photography Photobooth

Crewe Hall Wedding Photography Helen Williams Photography Photobooth

If you’re wondering if you get to see the famous ‘let’s drop the bride’ – here it is on the link below! You’re welcome 😉

The Bride Who Can’t Fly!

Are you or someone you know getting married at Crewe Hall? If so, get in touch to discuss your wedding photography needs. You can send me a message by clicking here!

Lots of love,

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Crewe Hall Wedding Photographer

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