Introduction to speedlights for wedding photographers

Tuesday 19th March 2019

Crewe Hall, Cheshire 11.30am – 7.30pm £200


Price includes refreshments and hot buffet style meal in the brasserie. £100 booking fee to secure your place. 

What’s this Flash? Is a full-day wedding photography course ideal for wedding photographers who want to start using speedlights confidently. Ideally you will own one or two speedlights of your own and hopefully some triggers and receivers (if not, let me know upon booking and I can send some recommendations for you that are fantastic and very budget friendly) I also have some spare canon fit gear if required. There are only 8 spaces per workshop and there will be another flash master photographer on hand for extra support and guidance. 

I want each and every photographer who attends to be able to learn how to use their flashes to compliment their style of photography. Whether you are a very natural ‘light and airy’ photographer or someone who is quite ‘dark, filmic and moody’ our work always revolves around light. By learning how to control our flashes we can…

  • Light the whole scene in dark situations or where our subjects are heavily backlit
Family portraits were done inside due to snowy and slippery conditions outside. The girls are very heavily backlit with low winter sun but using two flashes I balanced the light behind them that was coming in through the window.
  • Add just a pop to balance our subjects with the ambient for a natural look
  • Overpower the ambient light in really sunny conditions, bring out the detail in the sky at sunset or to reduce clutter within a space. 

During the day we will be going right back to basics, learning how flash can be used to compliment our existing knowledge of the exposure triangle (iso, aperture and shutter speed) so you can finally take control of your speedlights and confidently apply your new skills in a variety of different lighting situations.

We will be looking at how we can quickly and effectively use our speedlights on camera at different parts of a wedding day to help us out in tough lighting situations. You will leave understanding how to use the flash in manual alongside ETTL and experiment with using both high speed sync and rear curtain shutter settings.

After getting to grips with your flash’s menu settings it will be time to get syncing our flashes. Taking our flashes off-camera allows is to create a much more flattering and often discreet light source along with many more creative possibilities. 

Learn how to dial down the ambient light in the room so that the couple are the focus. This image was taken in a relatively light and busy restaurant dining space. I used just one speedlight to create this image.

Crewe Hall is the absolute perfect venue to get to grips with using off camera flash with the central part of the hotel (which is super beautiful – see below) having very minimal natural light and in some areas none at all. Although the space is very dramatic, grand and romantic setting, shooting without flash is a real challenge and is the perfect place to develop and test your skills.

Crewe Hall’s Hall of Pillars is beautiful, historic but very dark part of the building which allows for a lot of creative opportunities to light it ourselves.

After a delicious hot buffet lunch at the brasserie it will be time to prepare for some after dark shooting. So many photographers who approach me for training just want to be able to light a first dance confidently and produce a simple off camera flash after dark shot with the venue. I will be showing you my go-to settings for lighting first dance along with a couple of really quick and easy outdoor shots that you can confidently take anywhere.  

Sign me up – take my money! 

Current dates available:

Tuesday 19th March 2019 Crewe Hall, Cheshire 11.30am-7.30pm 

£100 booking fee to secure your spot on the course with the remaining £100 due by 5th March 2019.