The nutter behind the lens

Hey guys! So glad you found me and have cared to click on the about me page. Let’s get straight to it.

I’m a super energetic, disco dancing, tea drinking, doggy loving (calm your dirty mind – i’m referring to the animals), pizza munching, photo bombing, car singing, prosecco guzzling, weight lifting, welsh and proud, limbo champion, cartwheeling extraordinaire who happens to spend my days taking pretty pictures! I really hate spiders, wooden forks, the new cardboard straws that have appeared everywhere to save the earth (they stick to my lips and just feel wrong) and people who take themselves too seriously. My hair colour changes all the time but never anything too radical – either blonde, brunette or red (often a bit of them all) I am also completely terrified of having my photo taken! I hate it! The photo above certainly marks a career milestone for me – winning the 2019 Wedding Photographer of the Year. I don’t usually look anywhere near put together as that though and actually spend the majority of my time in my PJ’s or gym kit!


The usual ‘how I became a wedding photographer’ bit


I’m not going to bore you with the usual guff of ‘ for as long as I can remember I had a camera in my hand’ or some cliche romantic story of how I ‘discovered my passion for photography’. There is a story however – it’s just not likely to move you to tears! Imagine me, 22 years old (I’m 35 now but last week at a wedding got told I don’t look a day over 26 so I look pretty much the same but now have a bit more chin and wobbly bits). I’ve got my degree in Drama and just passed my PGCE which means I’m fully qualified to take my knowledge and enthusiasm of Drama and go and inspire some young people. Yipee! Fast forward a few years and the scowl lines are starting to appear on my face, my tea to wine ratio is pretty even and my hair starts to fall out with stress. Inspiring high school kids is one thing but doing all the pointless paperwork and keeping up with million changes the idiots in Westminster were making on a daily basis was driving me mad! In swoops my husband who buys me my first posh camera. It is so that I can go to college in the evenings and unleash some of my creative juices that are being soured by constant assessments and marking. URGH! So, I head off to college with no idea what I’m doing with this fancy pants camera in my bag but my Timehop tells me once a year that after one lesson I decided I was going to be an epic award winning photographer. Looking back to my images then – I was shit! One thing I did have though was determination and desire to get my ass out of teaching, take pretty pictures and have more fun! That was back in 2009. December 2014 I skipped out of the school gates (whilst probably flipping the bird) never to return. The famous quote ‘she believed she could so she did’ didn’t resonate with me until that moment. The End.


My life right now…


I am super lucky that I can say that I am now living my dream life. I have been with my husband Ron now for 14 years and have been married for 9. We bought our dream house in 2017 and any time I’m not shooting/editing my mind is drifting away over colour schemes/furniture/renovations. I’m a little obsessed with property (I check rightmove constantly which drives Ron mad as we have no plan to move for many years!) I will forever be grateful to him for giving me the nudge and support to change careers. It certainly isn’t all fun setting up a business from scratch in an incredibly competitive and over saturated industry. Thank you so much Ron for believing in me; spending a ridiculous amount of money on camera kit in the early days and being my rock through the crazy high and lows of self employment. Ron works in a super geeky IT role which takes him all over the world and it’s great that when I get the chance to, I can go along and make him pose infront of the New York skyline at 1am whilst a group of tourists hold my flash (bottom left) Just after this photo was taken a fisherman pulled an actual shark out of the Hudson river. I thought that was pretty mental! In the near future I really want to get my scuba gear back on and dive at the Great Barrier Reef and around Thailand on a liveaboard. We’ve not been diving in a few years so need to get that sorted.



Our Fur Babies


Doggies! Like Pokemon I just wanna catch them all! Unfortunately, Ron won’t let me. He wants to get some alpacas. I think I get weird enough looks walking down the street with 22 stone of bear – adding some alpacas to the mix might end up with the men in white coats coming to get me! We are both big softies when it comes to our babies though and we are the proud parents to two Newfoundlands.  We’re the kind of idiots that upgrades the bed to a super-king so that our eldest, Treacle Bear (the brown one one the right) can join us for nightly snuggles. She takes up 2/3rds of the bed and just leaves us just a small edge. Our other Gus (black one on the left) likes to be the man of the house. He loves being outside and you can usually find him outside of the front door ready to protect us from literally anything. He takes his task of protection very seriously so will also bark at a birds, the wind, people on bikes, and most amusingly, any kind of animal on the TV. It doesn’t even have to be an actual real animal and he has been known for barking at animated ones too. For his downright crazy behaviour he is more commonly referred to as Dick Head. I can’t imagine my life without dogs. To be fair, I prefer them to humans most of the time.



Why you should book me to be your wedding photographer…


To be honest with you, I haven’t the foggiest idea! I’m super clumsy. A chatty Cathy who will happily natter with your guests for ages before actually taking their photo. I’ll cheekily snag a canape during the drinks reception and if there are fizzy cola bottles in the sweet cart, i’ll be pinching some of those too! If the offer of alcohol presents itself i’ll never turn it down – prosecco, gin, pimms…the worrying thing is that I’m pretty confident my photos get better after a drink. I always flirt with the groomsmen – i’m great with the banter. I’ll laugh and cry through the speeches as if I actually remember the story when you flashed your knickers on stage in primary school. I’m always lurking ready to capture the bits you don’t always want to remember – your boobs fall out of your dress from over enthusiastic dancing? I’m shooting that. The flower girl picks her nose during the ceremony – i’m shooting that too. You pull a face that makes you look like sloth from the Goonies after a shot of sambucca – you can bet i’ll be giving you that photo! I’ll always want to take ‘just one more’ photo of you both because essentially I bloody love what I do. Every wedding I attend is an absolute honour and a privilege. I never shoot a wedding giving less than 150%


Despite all this, by some miracle, my couples love me! They really do! I never ask anyone to leave me a review and I am one of the very brave who still have the review option still active on Facebook. I am super thrilled to have nothing less than five star reviews from my couples. If you want to see what my couples have to say about me you can do so by clicking here!


If you’re yet to be scared off (you are EPIC and I love you) and would look to book a free consultation to discuss your wedding photography (and cuddle with my dogs) please do get in touch. You can do this by heading over to my contact page.